.: Research Interests

Our research interests lie in the structural and functional basis of receptor/ligand interactions, which are relevant to human health and disease. Much of my studies aim to elucidate the molecular recognition properties governing receptor interactions with ligand, and subsequent molecular events coupling ligand recognition to receptor activation. Many of the systems we are studying are related to the interaction of the host cell with environmental cues. Structural studies are complemented by functional approaches using molecular biology and protein engineering to dissect structural information, design proteins/peptides/small molecules with modified specificities and activities, and ultimately contributes to the development of biologics with therapeutic potential.

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.: Highlights

The Şen lab is about to launch

If you are an graduate or undergraduate student, pls send an email to msen@uh.edu for an appointment.

Our long term

The question that drives most, if not all, researchers to unknowns is "How life happens". The Şen lab aims to unravel pyhsical and chemical regulatory mechanims that modulates functions of proteins. We utilize molecular biology, biochemical and biopyhsical tqchniques to interrogate what protein structures are telling us, then depict their molecular mechanism.

By following the holistic approach of systems biology, our interdisciplinary studies will model and discover “emergent properties” of proteins (e.g. structures in alternate states, affinity or catalytic activity, mutations, dynamics, chemical modifications) and then statistically couple those findings into an allostery map.